Young Executives: Four Tips On Maximizing Golf For Business

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Young Executives: Four Tips On Maximizing Golf For Business

Oct 3, 2019
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Playing a few rounds on the best golf course in your area, and joining that local country club Henderson NV will help you build solid relationships with business partners. A round of golf is widely regarded as one of the best activities for closing important business deals, and we’ve got four tips to help you make the most of your business and golf opportunities.

Tip One – Focus on Building Relationships

At the very least, you’ll have four hours on the best golf course to discuss business. This allows you to connect with your business partners, associates and customers in a beautiful, outdoor setting known to foster a positive and expansive frame of mind.  Use the time on the course to build relationships before you dive into business. Make sure you focus on your playing partners and show that you’re genuinely interested in getting to know them. Business will work its way into the discussion in time, and you will already have established a solid rapport on a personal level.  If you need more time, consider inviting them to lunch, drinks or dinner at the club following your round.

Tip Two – Practice Good Etiquette

Even if you know how to golf, demonstrating proper etiquette is essential both on and off the course for business deals. Showing that you fill in your divots, and take general care of the course demonstrates that you are reliable and respectful. Brushing up on golf etiquette before your round also puts you in a position to answer questions your guests and associates may have. Those who golf regularly take golf etiquette seriously, and they love sharing intricacies of the game with new golfers.  Knowledge of golf etiquette provides a built-in opportunity to be helpful and courteous.

Tip Three – Be Wary with Alcohol

If you look at every round of golf as a potential opportunity for a business deal, you won’t want to handicap yourself or your ability to put your best face forward with excessive drinking.  If you can get by without drinking on the golf course, do it.  If you are with drinkers and feel you should drink as well, it’s recommended you drink sparingly and avoid presenting a sloppy front.  No matter the weather, drink plenty of water and make sure your companions have non-alcoholic beverages they turn to as the round progresses.

Tip Four – Be Honest

Golf is a very telling game. It gives you a unique opportunity to gauge your teammates, and they can watch you as well. If you cheat while playing golf, you’ll probably be viewed as someone who would cheat at business dealings as well. Make sure you’re honest and double-check that your potential business partners are honest on the course, too. Count all of your strokes, own your own mistakes, and play a calm and collected game.

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