Why Business and Golf Work So Well Together – 4 Reasons

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Why Business and Golf Work So Well Together – 4 Reasons

Feb 6, 2020
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You, too, can be outdoors mixing golf and business on a championship golf course in Las Vegas area. Becoming a member of DragonRidge Country Club means you have access to a world-class, championship 18-hole golf course, consistently rated one of the best golf courses in Nevada. That private club access opens the door for you to enjoy countless unique business opportunities. Here are just a few of them:

Golf Promotes Business and Company Camaraderie

People from all different kinds of backgrounds and professions often discover they can unite around the shared love of golf. Business groups who might not seem very like-minded can find themselves sharing a common interest and goal when you get them outdoors on a private, majestic golf course away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Golf outings give you plenty of time to interact and discuss a broad range of topics, without the distractions you’ll find in the office setting, or at a busy restaurant or casino. The quiet grace of the golf course lends itself to intimate discussions and real communication breakthroughs. The relaxing vibe, breathtaking views and slower pace give you the change to create quality interaction that will expand your professional relationships.

Golf Helps You Understand Personalities and Find Solutions

As a challenging sport, golf gives you the opportunity to gain insight into other people’s personalities and how they approach to risk in difficult situations. Discussing challenges and hazards to avoid on the golf course can even help you gain insight into your business associates’ approach to various dilemmas.

The thought process discussed on the course can sometimes lead to new business revelations and solutions. Without a doubt, you will learn something valuable about your business associates, customers, friends and bosses, by studying their behavior on the golf course.

Golf Opens Doors in the Business World

Rarely will you find someone who turns down an invitation to visit and play at one of the best golf courses in Las Vegas area. Even those with no experience playing golf might be open to a fun day hitting balls on the driving range at DragonRidge Country Club or practicing on the putting greens.

Even without using the championship 18-hole golf course at DragonRidge Country Club, many of your fellow professionals will jump at the chance to join you on the 19th hole – famously known as the watering hole – at a private country club. The ONYX Bar at DragonRidge Country Club and the Dragon Grille are often ideal settings for closing important business deals or signing on new customers. If you are interested in asking your boss for a raise, treat your boss to a day on the golf course so you can share your professional vision and build a more personal relationship with them.

Golf is a Terrific Activity for People of Different Ages and Skill Levels

Where else will you find a 60-year-old CEO and their 30-year-old interview prospect involved in the same activity for a period of hours. Golf caters to men and women of all ages and skill levels. You don’t necessarily need to be a terrific golfer to have a terrific day on the course. The “handicap system” makes it easier for everyone to compete.

Golf outings planned by you can help build team spirit within your company or workplace. You can mix and match executives with staff and clients to help people get to know one another on a more personal level.

Aren’t you ready to network on and off the green?

Contact DragonRidge to Play a Championship Golf Course

For Membership opportunities, contact Corey Strzalka, Membership & Marketing Director at DragonRidge Country Club by emailing CStrzalka@DragonRidgeCC.com or calling (702) 835-8155.

To book a golf tournament at DragonRidge Country Club, contact Chris Vossekuil, Director of Golf at DragonRidge Country Club at (702) 83508144 or CVossekuil@DragonRidgeCC.com

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