Surprise! How to Throw an Epic Surprise Party at DragonRidge Country Club

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Surprise! How to Throw an Epic Surprise Party at DragonRidge Country Club

Jan 14, 2020
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Throwing a surprise party at a country club in Las Vegas is a great way to get all your family and friends together to celebrate. So, how do you pull off an epic surprise party at one of the most exclusive country clubs in Las Vegas?

Invite the guest of honor to the ONYX bar at DragonRidge Country Club for celebratory drinks. This can be a great way to bring them inside the venue without raising any flags. While your guest of honor sips on one of delicious hand-crafted cocktails in the ONYX, your guests can sneak into the ballroom with ease.

After having a drink or two in the ONYX, suggest checking out the view of the spectacular sunset from the Grand Highlands Ballroom. As you and your guest of honor enter the ballroom your guests will be there, drinks in hand with a loud “SURPRISE!”  Time and again, guests at DragonRidge Country Club rave about perfectly executed surprise parties.

Dragonridge Country Clubs offers one of the best event venues in Las Vegas with a jaw-dropping view of the Las Vegas skyline. Whether you choose to celebrate a large surprise party in the Grand Highlands Ballroom, or a smaller one in any of our other event spaces, your guests will be wowed by the incredible views throughout the property, gourmet dining, luxurious atmosphere, off-strip vibe, plus family, fun and friends.

Tips to Pull Off the Perfect Surprise Party

There are several things you can do to pull off the perfect surprise party, and our expert staff can help guide you.

  • Emphasize that it’s a surprise party on the RSVP. Set up a dedicated email just for RSVPs that the guest won’t find.
  • Coordinate a dress code to match what the guest of honor will have. If they’re not dressed up, set a casual dress code.
  • Nominate someone to provide a diversion and ensure the person arrives on or around the correct time.
  • Have cameras ready to capture the exact moment the guest of honor arrives with photos or video.
  • If possible, plan the party around something routine, so the guest of honor doesn’t get suspicious.

To book a surprise party or other exciting event, contact Brandi Montano, Director Of Catering & Wedding Sales at DragonRidge Country Club by emailing or calling (702) 835-8582.

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