How to Impress Clients On Their Trip to Las Vegas

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How to Impress Clients On Their Trip to Las Vegas

Jun 25, 2019
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Impressing your clients from day one is essential to maintaining their interest and laying the foundation for a stable working relationship. You may be tempted to give them material possessions, but it’s more meaningful to provide them with experiences. They can look back on these experiences fondly for years to come even after the material things have long faded away. We’ve picked out the top three things you can use to help create experiences for your clients in Las Vegas below.

1. Treat them to a Round with Your Country Club Membership

Taking your clients to a private golf course in Las Vegas and playing 18 holes is an excellent way to start conversations. You’ll get a few hours of one-on-one time with your clients to talk between holes. Once you finish playing, you can bring them into the best country club Henderson NV has to offer. You can pick between two restaurants and a bar to finish out the day with breathtaking views and a relaxed setting.

2. Take them to the Best Restaurant in Town

There are hundreds of excellent restaurants scattered throughout Las Vegas, ranging from traditional comfort foods to high-end sushi bars and everything in between. You can take a few hours over excellent food and drink to start laying the foundation for a solid working relationship.

3. Give Them Tickets to a Show

Las Vegas is the Entertainment Capital of the World for a very good reason. The shows that you can take in on any given night are spectacular. Take a few hours to research the shows that are going on when your client comes to town and get them tickets. Let them spend the time enjoying the show before you get down to discussing your business matters.

4. How DragonRidge Country Club Can Help Build Relationships

We are a private golf course in Las Vegas that features rolling hills, manicured greens, challenging courses, and a newly redesigned clubhouse. We have two restaurants that offer seasonal cuisine, and we have an elegant bar with a tailored drink menu. Also, our golf course is members-only. This means that you’ll be able to play without being swarmed with people, and this gives you more time to build those lasting customer relationships.

For membership opportunities, contact Corey Strzalka, Membership & Marketing Director at DragonRidge Country Club by emailing or calling (702) 835-8155.

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