How to Host the Ultimate Brunch and Bridal Shower Combo

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How to Host the Ultimate Brunch and Bridal Shower Combo

Jun 18, 2019
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Brunches are tough. So are bridal showers. Put them together, and you’ve got sleepless night ahead of you. If you’re hosting both special events in Las Vegas for your daughter you have an ungodly amount of work ahead of you, a horrific mess to clean up afterward and minimal contact to look forward to with your guests.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Fortunately, there’s an alternative to do-it-yourself brunch and bridal shower entertaining: country clubs. A high-end venue like a country club will take on the duties you don’t want and leave you and your daughter to the enjoyable parts of such a celebration. Here’s why.

You’ve Got Space to Spare

How large is your home? Few of us live in houses that can comfortably accommodate all the women who might be on your brunch and bridal shower guest list. And there’s nothing like trying to prepare a meal in a kitchen overflowing with people (and you know that’s where party invitees love to hang out).

Country clubs, on the other hand, have ample space regardless of the size of your guest list or the activities you have planned for your time together. Just describe what you’re looking to do, and you’ll see how well the space will fit your plans.

Don’t Stress Over Mess

You’ll leave the mess to others while you show off your superhero hostessing chops. You mean you didn’t want to spend the entire social occasion slaving over a hot stove? What an unanticipated surprise that is (not). Let the chefs and cooks and servers make sure the food and the details are right. Instead, spend your time laughing, chatting, and entertaining guests. That’s what makes a party.

You won’t do the dishes afterward. When the bridal shower is over, go home. There’s no mess awaiting you in the kitchen after the party space goes silent. Doesn’t that sound too good to be true?

Your Bride-to-Be Will Love You.

Your daughter doesn’t want to remember her mother/best friend preparing omelets and appetizers out of sight. She wants you to be a vital part of her very special occasion. So sit with her, watch her open gifts, and feel some of the same joy she’s feeling. That’s what will make the time truly memorable for her and you.

Contact DragonRidge Country Club

DragonRidge is a private golf course in Las Vegas and a whole lot more. Regardless of your membership status, we invite you to contact Brandi Montano, our director of catering and wedding sales. You can reach her at (702) 835-8582 or BMontano@DragonRidgeCC.

Once you’ve made contact, prepare to enjoy your brunch and bridal shower while you leave the work to us.

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