How To Combine Elegance and Fun In Your Wedding Day

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How To Combine Elegance and Fun In Your Wedding Day

Nov 11, 2019
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An outdoor wedding in Las Vegas is the perfect setting for a special day that everyone will remember! Both locals, and wedding guests who fly in from out of state, will be blown away by the grace and beauty of the outdoor venues at DragonRidge Country Club.  DragonRidge Country Club is skilled at delivering perfect outdoor weddings of any size, large or small, ensuring that you experience the wedding day of your dreams. Here’s how we can help make your wedding day perfect:

1.  Book a World-Class Las Vegas Wedding Venue: DragonRidge Country Club

Be sure to book at a venue that is well known for its ability to deliver wedding day perfection.  At DragonRidge Country Club, The Grand Highlands Ballroom provides a breathtaking venue for receptions! Offering more than 3600 square feet of space, it can accommodate parties of up to 500 people, and plated dinner receptions for up to 300 people.  The ballroom also provides a beautiful ceremony location on the rare days that the weather does not cooperate. Outdoor ceremony sites at DragonRidge Country Club, including the driving range and the pool, provide beautiful, sunlit spaces that your guests (and your photographer!) will love.

2. Add Personality to Your Decorations

Once you’ve secured your wedding date at DragonRidge Country Club, it’s time to focus on details. Share your creative vision with our expert booking staff and watch how they help make your dreams come true! Our expert wedding staff will have inspirations and the practical experience necessary to carry out your vision.  They will help you design a plan for décor and decorations that reflect your story and personality as a couple, making make your day extra memorable for all who attend.   At great weddings, little details mean a lot.

3. Incorporate Flowers Throughout

Flowers aren’t just for the bridal bouquet at elegant and fun weddings. There are thousands of different types of flowers in hundreds of colors that you can use to add color and personality to your wedding and reception.  Outdoor weddings especially lend themselves to bursts of colorful flowers, shrubs plants and more.  Add elegant flowers into your decor outside and inside your venue.  It’s easy to create unique centerpieces for each table, hanging flowers for the walls, and small runners to draw your guests’ eyes around the ballroom.  When you visit DragonRidge Country Club, our special events team will give you a personal tour of the many spaces that are available to help you determine the exact setting you desire for your perfect day.

To book an event, contact Brandi Montano, Director Of Catering & Wedding Sales at DragonRidge Country Club by emailing or calling (702) 835-8582.

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