How Early Should You Plan Your Wedding Reception Venue?

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How Early Should You Plan Your Wedding Reception Venue?

Feb 20, 2020
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Congratulations, you’re getting married! Not to try to give you another thing to think about when you already have plenty on your mind, but have you booked your wedding venue in Las Vegas yet?

At DragonRidge Country Club, one of the most popular and respected wedding venues and receptions destination in this area, we can handle weddings that come up quickly and weddings that are planned more than a year in advance.  Generally speaking, to limit your own stress it’s a good idea to start planning your wedding at least nine months to a year in advance.

But there are a few factors that can increase or decrease the lead time you might need.

The Calendar.  Around the country, the most popular wedding time of the year is from May through October, according to the Wedding site The Knot. However, in Las Vegas, things are a bit different. Weddings are planned year-round with the hottest months (July and August) sometimes seeing less action. Winter weddings are sensational in Las Vegas and many couples opt for an outdoor golf course wedding or a wedding by the pool. Spring and Autumn are your busiest seasons for weddings in Las Vegas.  Planning early will give you greater flexibility in booking the venue you want on the day that you want.

Courtesy to your guests who will be traveling. You don’t want your family and friends to have to cancel their long-established family vacations or business trips because they get your wedding invitation with very little notice. Or, worse yet, you don’t want your guests to have to decline your wedding invitation because their plans to do something else have already been set.  You want to always be able to give your invited guests as much time as possible — at least a couple months — to save the date for your important event.

The popularity of the venue. If you plan to book your wedding reception at DragonRidge Country Club, keep in mind the popularity of the venue. The more highly sought your location may be, the more likely you will want to book your venue well in advance.  If you have a specific date in mind already, it is never too early to reach out and book that date for your wedding. Keep in mind certain dates are highly popular, susch as Valentine’s Day and dates with unusual numbers in them. Bottom line: It’s never too early to book.

Your expectations for the event. Will there be a Live band? Dancing? An Open Bar? An Ice Cream Sundae Bar? Will it be themed?  How much space do you need? Do you want your guests to be able to view the beautiful desert sunset during your event? There are so many things to consider when booking a wedding venue in Las Vegas. Early planning will increase your chances of getting everything just the way you want it for the wedding of your dreams.

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We’d love to discuss your big event with you and take you on a tour of DragonRidge Country Club as the preferred site for your perfect day. To book your wedding reception at DragonRidge Country Club, contact Brandi Montano, Director Of Catering & Wedding Sales at DragonRidge Country Club. Email her at or call (702) 835-8582. You may also contact Charity at or Kendra at

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