Virtual Tour Hole by Hole

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Par 4
385 YDS
Favor the left side of this wide fairway. This will allow a clear and elevated view of the green.
Par 3
202 YDS
The hillside tees will make this downhill par 3 play one or two clubs shorter, but you will have to factor in the wind.
Par 4
377 YDS
The ideal tee shot is to favor the right side of the fairway which slopes from right to left.
Par 5
494 YDS
Aim your tee shot at the Stratosphere Casino and this par 5 is reachable in two shots if hit long enough down the left side of the fairway.
Par 3
165 YDS
This two tier green plays one club longer if the pin is up on the back tier. Aim at Green Valley Ranch Casino and hit enough club to carry the water.
Par 4
345 YDS
Favor the right side of the fairway to provide an open view of the green. The fairway bunker is deceptively short of the green.
Par 4
420 YDS
A risky lake edge drive is rewarded with a better angle to an elevated green. Safety is found playing the hole along the left hand side.
Par 5
535 YDS
A true three shot hole for most. A tee shot down the right will compensate for the right to left slope of the fairway and the green is best approached from the left.
Par 4
393 YDS
This tee shot should favor the right side to compensate for the right to left sloping long uphill fairway.
Par 4
343 YDS
A mid or long iron choice down the left is the smart play. A risky drive over the arroyo to the right is rewarded with an easy downhill approach to the green.
Par 4
395 YDS
Aim your tee shot at the Las Vegas Strip just right of the left fairway bunkers to allow the best approach to the favorable left side of the green.
Par 5
514 YDS
The fairway ends abruptly and is reachable for the long hitters. Shot selection is key to the second shot of this three shot par 5.
Par 4
348 YDS
The fairway is wide, but favor the left side for the best approach to an elevated small green. A premium is put on the second shot club selection.
Par 3
165 YDS
An extra club may be required to reach this uphill par 3. Aim left over the bunker to take advantage of the severe left-to-right hillside sloped green.
Par 4
372 YDS
While avoiding the wash, a tee shot down the left leaves the best approach to the green, which slopes from right-to-left. From the right side of the fairway an approach shot over the bunker should release to the center of an undulating green.
Par 4
302 YDS
This short dogleg left requires a tee shot to carry the left bunker allowing a short iron to a green that slopes from front-to-back.
Par 3
173 YDS
Intentionally deceptive, the par 3 has one of the largest greens with a grass collection area left of the green.
Par 5
530 YDS
The right side is the safest play on this split fairway par 5. The second shot should be played just over the fairway bunker to allow an easy short shot to this shallow green.

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