Five Ways to Reward Your Top Sales Employee

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Five Ways to Reward Your Top Sales Employee

Aug 2, 2019
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Your top sales employees provide an invaluable service for your company.  Naturally, you want to reward them to show your appreciation, but what is the best way to reward them? It doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve picked out the top five ways to reward your top sales employees. Whether this means taking them to a private golf course in Las Vegas or acknowledging all they do in another way, these five ideas can help.

1. A Round of Golf at DragonRidge with your Membership

Purchasing a membership for a premier golf club in Las Vegas provides an ongoing way to reward your employees. They can play the premier private golf course in Las Vegas with you as your guest as frequently as you’d like.  If you really want to show your top employees how much you value them, consider buying them a DragonRidge Country Club membership.   To further sweeten the deal, new members get a custom-fitted PGX golf club set with a bag that fits their specifications.

2. Educational Courses

Many top-earning employees are driven to better themselves. One you can show your appreciation for them is by helping them go back to school. Your company could offer to pay for specific educational opportunities related to their field. This way, they feel you are investing in them, knowing they will bring their increased knowledge with them as an asset to your company.  Some employees may want simple certification courses, others might be looking to tackle advanced degrees.

3. Public Acknowledgement

Praise is always a good idea. Your employees will remember it if you bring a group of coworkers to DragonRidge Country Club for a reward luncheon or dinner. Just book one of the many venues available at DragonRidge to provide your employees a special setting. Over lunch, you can give your top earners public acknowledgment to let them know that you appreciate how valuable they are to your organization. The Grand Highlands Ballroom at DragonRidge Country Club can hold up to 500 people or 300 with a plated meal.  For smaller groups, DragonRidge also has other lovely rooms for dining like the Montrose, Onyx, and a few other venues.

4. Pay Out a Bonus

Employees who exceed their sales goals should be rewarded for their achievement, especially as a way to continue to motivate them and others on your team.  Some companies link pay raises to performance appraisals.  When top earners are consistently rewarded, it motivates other employees to do better and earn more.  Bonuses are often paid out annually or semi-annually.

5. Implement a Flex Schedule

Your top earners have already proved to you that they’ll go above and beyond to exceed their targets. You can reward them by offering more flexibility in their schedules. Maybe they can work remotely from home one or two days a week, or they can take the occasional day off. This flexibility may motivate other employees to step up their game.

For DragonRidge Membership opportunities, contact Corey Strzalka, Membership & Marketing Director at DragonRidge Country Club by emailing or calling (702) 835-8155

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