Benefits of Having In-House Catering at Your Wedding Venue

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Benefits of Having In-House Catering at Your Wedding Venue

Jan 20, 2020
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Booking a wedding venue in Las Vegas with exceptional, in-house catering immediately eliminates much of the worry that goes into planning a beautiful wedding.  At DragonRidge Country Club, our talented kitchen – led by Le Cordon Bleu trained Executive Chef Eric Castillo, is the envy of venues in Southern Nevada.  Here are a few reasons why in-house catering is your best bet for wedding receptions:

Everyone’s on the same team.

If you book a wedding at a venue and hire a caterer from the outside, immediately you’ve got two groups working together who may not be familiar with one another, and are less apt to anticipate needs as they arise. Two teams learning on the fly how to relate and work together can be a recipe for problems.

At DragonRidge Country Club, your on-site staff seamlessly interact with each other in a well-choreographed presentation that leaves little to chance.  The Executive Chef, Sous Chefs, catering team captain, food preparers, food servers, bartenders, banquet hosts are all on the same page and know what their roles are to ensure event perfection. 

There will be no untrained novices fumbling in front of your guests looking for where to plug-in power cords.

You’re eliminating extra stress in planning.

Chances are you’ve already spent a considerable amount of time researching venues, interviewing vendors, and reading reviews. It can be overwhelming.  At DragonRidge we can assist with many of your decisions in the house so that you won’t be scattered interviewing teams of wedding professionals across the Las Vegas valley. 

Our expert catering team will help you design a menu tailored to your specific tastes, needs, and desires… expertly crafted to wow your guests. Whether it’s a vivid, delectable sushi display or a breathtaking, themed ice sculpture towering over an oyster bar, your catering staff at DragonRidge Country Club will not disappoint. In addition, our list of preferred (and tested) vendors helps many brides and grooms eliminate guesswork.

Selecting a videographer, photographer, cake artist, florist, linens, décor, lighting, a band, a DJ, party attire and more can be as simple as phone call to Brandi Montano, the Director of Catering & Banquets at DragonRidge Country Club.  Let Brandi’s experience take much of the pressure off making decisions at this happy time in your life.

There are no hidden costs.

At DragonRidge Country Club we will help you design an event plan specifically tailored to your needs and the size of your group.  Up front, you will have a complete breakdown of different catering options and costs, and will be able to shop from various banquet menus and packages to determine the catering plan you desire. At DragonRidge Country Club we can cater a wedding party hundreds of people in the 6,000 square foot Grand Highlands Ballroom, or in the Montrose Dining Room at DragonRidge we can cater a more intimate, equally elegant affair. 

All of our venues can be easily converted for themed weddings (such as Winter Wonderland, Valentine’s Day, St. Patty’s Day and more) with dramatic lighting that accents the breathtaking views from windows throughout the property.  By handling many of your decisions in house, you will the trappings and hidden costs that sometimes arise with unknown vendors.

Explore All Your Wedding Reception-Planning Options at DragonRidge

As a leading event space in Las Vegas, DragonRidge Country Club offers complete wedding catering packages tailored to your specific needs and wants, providing 5 star dining, unsurpassed bar and tableside service and elegant venues at breathtaking altitude, overlooking the Las Vegas Strip and valley.

Let us help make your wedding the event of your dreams! To book a wedding and/or reception, contact Brandi Montano, Director Of Catering & Wedding Sales at DragonRidge Country Club at or (702) 835-8582.

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