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Team work makes the Dream work!

Our Club’s mission is to provide exceptional amenities and services to our members. We accomplish this by offering events and programs in extraordinary facilities, and our staff members play an essential role in achieving the Club’s mission. To support our staff members, we strive to create a work environment that centers upon:

Respect and Dignity
Kindness and Compassion
Reliability and Trust
Continuous Improvement

All Jobs Require:

  • Drug Test 


Server/Bartender (Full Time & Part Time)


It is the Responsibility for All Servers/Bartenders to provide excellent Customer Service experience for all its Members/Guests in our dining establishments such as the Dragon Grill, Onyx Lounge, Montrose and Snack Bar along with all member events and functions at our Country Club.

This position is as followed: 

  • You must be able to  provide a high standard of hospitality and professional service at all times while employed at  Dragon Ridge Country Club
  • You must be able to practice Cleanliness in appearance and work habits
  • You must be able to get to work on time, having reliable transportation.
  • You must be able to lift and carry 30 lbs for this position.
  • You must be able to stand for long  periods of time
  • You must be able to Serve and open Bottles of wine correctly
  • You must have knowledge of all products available to the Guest for sale and service
  • You are required to provide black pants and black non-slip shoes as part of your daily uniform attire
  • Dragon Ridge CC will provide a name tag, polo or Dress shirt along with an apron for you to wear as your daily uniform attire. Unless otherwise informed.
  • You must be able to follow all rules and regulations of the country club, which are stated in your Employee Hand book.
  • Long hair must be pulled back out of your face as well as off your shoulders at all times.
  • You must have previous experience as a Server / Bartender
  • You must have a current Health Card and TAM card
  • You must be able to practice Bartending skills such as knowledge of basic drink making
  • You must be able to work a IBS Point of Service System
  • You must be able to use simple math calculations such as add or subtract
  • You must not have visible tattoos that can be showing and No piercing on the face.

The Job Responsibilities Summary:

  • You are responsible for following all the rules in our Company Handbook.
  • You will be required to handle your own money and have a starting bank of $30-$50.
  • When needing product to re-stock the coolers you need to make a list for one of the managers and they will bring you the product.
  • You must follow the opening, closings, and daily side work duties for all restaurant outlets.
  • Teamwork is a must. When there are two or more servers in the dining area, tables will be rotated between servers as guests come in, Requested parties will be honored if possible but the server must give up his/hers next turn in the rotation.
  • You are responsible for busing your tables please use a service tray when possible and remember to wipe all dirty tables with a sanitizer wash towel.
  • When Busing tables and using the service cart use a bus tub for all dirt dishes and flatware.

Keep the service cart clean as it is in the public eye and must look presentable.

            Remember to wipe all dirty tables with a sanitizer wash towel.

  • You are responsible for bussing your dirty tables and braking down your own dishes, flatware, glassware and napkins at the dishwasher station and setting them in their proper assigned places  
  • You are responsible for the resetting of all tables with a clean place mat and roll up
  • You are not allowed to use the company phone for personal business calls
  • Cell Phones can and will be taken away if they interfere with customer service, unless it’s used as part of your service responsible to communicate to your supervisor.
  • Answer the phone within 2 rings and in a pleasant voice confirm the name of the room you’re in (Dragon Grill or Onyx Lounge), your name and How may I help you.
  • Take to-go orders, bag them and have the proper paper products and condiments for the order and have their ticket ready with proper member name for signing.
  • You are responsible for closing out all of your own tickets. Collecting cash payments and adding all extra gratuities to your tickets. At shifts end you will turn in your closing Z report with all your tickets and your cash sales for the day to your manager on duty.
  • You are responsible for performing all side duties during your shift, Opening, Closing, mid-day activities to ensure that all service levels are efficient and ready for business throughout the day.
  • You are responsible for maintaining a clean work environment at all work stations
  • You are responsible for restocking all FOH items used for in house and to go Service
  • You are responsible for performing all side duties assigned to your shift( see daily side duty sheets complete and sign off per task)
  • You are responsible for providing a sanitizer bucket at your station and maintaining the Sanitizer levels are in line with Health Department Requirements ( use provided strips to measure levels needed to be in code and change water every two hours)
  • You are responsible for maintaining all product coolers, Keeping them cleaned and stocked  Daily
  • You are responsible for practicing proper service etiquette in a dining room environment
  • You are responsible for keeping the restaurant side of the open cook’s line clean and neat.
  • You are responsible for informing the Chef or Cook of any food allergies that a Guest has related to you during your order taking.( This is important for the Chef or Cook to know as they might need to change their cutting board, utensils, Sauce pans that may have previously touched Shell fish or garlic for example)


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